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Live To Forgive

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Meet Mia 

Author, Wife, Mom, Grandmom and Friend. 

Her purpose is to show how peaceful life can be when we learn to forgive ourselves first and then others.

It's Okay To Say I'm Sorry, But I Made the Choice Not to Live That Way.


This book is about the life and struggles of a woman who learns to discover her true worth and value after living a not so perfect life. Growing up with all the material possessions and things that you think would make her feel loved, she still felt empty.    


Making choices that were not all positive, ended up teaching her life lessons that benefited not only her but also others she connected with. She found what it takes to overcome depression, low self-esteem issues, and all types of insecurities. Becoming a wife, mother, going through a divorce, and remarrying was just part of her story. However, her ability to forgive without any expectations was her golden ticket.  


Rediscovering what it takes to win in the end and not having to say sorry any longer is what this book is all about.

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Publication by Leadership DevelopMe, LLC


A portion of all books sold will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, located in Memphis, TN.  Thank you for your support.

Please make sure to add your email and address when ordering.

"To know Mia is a blessing. She has such a kind and positive spirit and is always encouraging. She walks in her truth, and her story will help so many people. I know it has helped me in many ways. This book is life-changing

Sabrina Arsenault​

Christian, Genuine, Resilient, Committed are words to describe Mia Abernathy. A true gem of a woman and a blessing to all she comes in contact with. I am excited for her new journey as an author and to read her life story; a testimony of her strength and courage I am sure will be a blessing to each reader. 

Nicole Williams

Mia has a beautiful spirt and a loving heart. She speaks with wisdom and understanding of life challenges.

Shanta Jackson

Mia you have a genuine caring and positive spirit and you are consistently supportive of others.  Sharing your journey is sure to inspire, instill hope and motivate others who may be at similar crossroads in their lives. I look forward to purchasing and reading your book.   Congratulations again, I am so proud of you!

Tiffany Wardlow

"Mia's positive energy is radiant. She lifts your spirits and gives you the courage to push through life. I'm so excited about this book"

Lydia Adams


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